A random collection of photos...

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LEFT: Some lab members from left to right: Andrew Ndhlovu (will graduate with a PhD in 2020), Jonathan Featherston PhD graduate 2018), Karen Van Niekerk (current PhD student), and the laboratory head Pierre Durand.
MIDDLE: Andrew Ndhlovu at the elephant sanctuary.

RIGHT: Andrew phytoplankton sampling with Andre, St. Helena Bay, ZA

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LEFT: Jaganmoy Jodder in the Singhbum craton, India. Discovery of a dome-shaped stromatolite (insert), now dated to approximately 3 billion years ago.


ABOVE: High school students on a field trip collecting microalgae from waterways in Johannesburg

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LEFT: SoRi La (second from right, current MSc student) at the FAME LAB competition, where she was runner up.

ABOVE: Nisha, Pierre, Andrew and lab visitor Abhishek

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LEFT: Ted. MIDDLE: Toffifee contemplating what to do with a giraffe metatarsal. RIGHT: Mehsoor the philosopher

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LEFT: Jonathan Featherston and his daughter Emily. MIDDLE: Donald and Halobacterium salinarum, survived the trip from Seattle! (gift from Nitin Baliga, see collaborators). RIGHT: When clivias flower after the cold on the highveld.