My work in medicine and pathology has been both academic and non-academic in nature. My academic work has included research, teaching, and course development. These activities can be found under publications and research, and pedagogy, respectively. Medical education (I am referring specifically to the training of general medical doctors) has for a long time been a ‘hot potato’ and I include my own teaching philosophy, some suggestions to those beginning their pre-clinical years, and musings on the future of the general medical doctor degree.


In my non-academic work, I have been involved in private and public sectors and worked in various healthcare systems in different countries. I have been fortunate to be associated with some very talented individuals and been privileged in developing new pathology diagnostic laboratories like JDJ Diagnostics, TOGA labs, as well as being a scientific advisor to biotechnology companies and funders like Inqaba Genomics and BABU(TM) Worldwide Independent Biotechnology Institute.


Private healthcare in South Africa is a veritable cauldron. It mirrors the full spectrum of idiosyncrasies, inequalities, human emotions, and activities that characterize South African society. It ranges from altruism and tremendous unrecognized kindness to the worst forms of capitalism, from the best standards of medical care to the worst examples of rapacious health-related corporates. I would even go so far as to say that organized homicide has occurred. If you think the last statement is an exaggeration, see the articles concerning the death of some of the most vulnerable people in society (see Prof Makgoba's report and Justice Moseneke's final arbitration account).


My medicine and pathology outreach have usually taken the form of newsletters and podcasts. Some examples are below. See also the opinions and essays articles, some of which will be commentaries related to healthcare.


Examples of public engagement

Continuing Medical Education: For example, here is a CME on COVID-19 testing in the evolving pandemic

Podcasts: July 2020 “COVID testing in SA” (podcasts don't always remain, please email for details or recordings)

Newsletters: April 2020 “Scenario planning in the COVID pandemic