Everyone wins a prize if they live long enough

(not sure if someone has already said this, if so apologies for the credit omission)

This page hosts an eclectic collection of opinions, short essays, and anecdotes. They are generally very short; one to two pages at most. If, like myself, you have a kind of ADD this will be welcome news. For each entry, there are one or two sentences describing its content. This will, hopefully, help you decide whether the entry is of interest to you. A new entry is posted every 2 to 3 months.

I have not included any biographical information on my website. This opinions and essays page, and the Science and Medicine and Pathology contents, will say more about me than any biographical information. Personal websites sometimes provide a list of the individual’s achievements, the ‘firsts’, and the awards. The stellar successes. I am not doing so for a few reasons. First, I don’t have any (unless you count runner-up for the Under 16B team 400m race in high school bearing in mind that three of the five competitors suffered serious underlying medical conditions). Failures anyway say more about someone than their successes. Second, details on eponymous websites sometimes include statements like “winner of the WHATEVER prize”, “the first scientist to win the WHATEVER award twice” or “the NY Times describes him/her as ‘one of the greatest minds of the last century’”. Now for the first two kinds of statements, the quote above comes to mind. I am not sure who said this, or indeed even if someone did, but if you live long enough everyone wins a prize. And for the third statement, it is, quite frankly, a ridiculous thing to say. Whatever does that mean? It is confounding that such a statement or variation of it is used to introduce a guest speaker. Let us just hear the talk, please.

October 2021

September 2021

Dorothy and Cedric go missing. 

Dorothy and Cedric. pdf

July 2021

 A guest essay by my dear brother. What shape would you like to be?

The left side.pdf

May 2021

Where is medical education going?.pdf


February 2021



December 2020 The Ollidge

A haunting account.


November 2020 Judges and lawyers in science

What attracts individuals to science? Career or curiosity. There are two types of scientists: lawyers and judges.


October 2020 Ninja turtle madness

Have you ever wondered why buildings in downtown Sandton, Johannesburg are named after the ninja turtles? They may as well be because the real reasons are even more ridiculous. South Africa wrestles with its identity.