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I study the evolution and philosophy of death, mostly programmed forms of cell death (given the acronym PCD) in the unicellular world, but also endogenous death, programmed death, or heritable mortality in general. My research is interdisciplinary, although in recent years it has become much more philosophical in the kinds of questions asked. I am grateful for a recent flattering review of my work by a researcher at Boston University who says that I have managed to “ … combine philosophy, biological theory, and empirical science in often thrilling ways” Death plays an unexpected and remarkable role in the history of life. Many of my research interests, especially those related to the evolution and philosophy of cell death are covered in my book “The Evolutionary origins of life and death”, which can be found here

My current and future projects are dedicated to the philosophy of the biology of death and I, together with Grant Ramsey (BOFZAP professor KU Leuven,, have been awarded a networking fellowship in the Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven for collaborative research in this area (2022-).

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